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The restaurant

Discover the recognized and appreciated talents of our chef Julien Lasserre

Restaurant Le Val Moret : authentic cuisine

The restaurant has been part of the Maître Restaurateur association* since 2008. The Val Moret kitchen is run by Chef Julien Lassere, a well-know talented chef whose work is widely appreciated. He works with a team of professionals. We thrive to give our clients the best service in the restaurant too.

There are 3 restaurants floors with different atmospheres, open every day (except on 24, 25, 31 December and on 1 January).

The restaurant is opened 7 days a week from 12:00 am till 1:30 pm and from 7:30 pm till 9:30 pm (9:00 pm on Sundays)

Maitre restaurateur

The menu changes several times a year but the slow-braised lamb, the trout from Veuxhaulles-sur-Aube, the mushrooms from Cussangy, the cheese from Chaource or Champ-sur-Barse, the pink biscuit of Reims are generally on.
"All our ingredients are fresh and homemade, we work with the best products of the region," explained Christophe Marisy.

* the Maître Restaurateur title is awarded by the authorities and guarantees good quality. It was the first title to reward excellence in the food industry for professionals who offer a traditional cuisine with fresh products, who greet their customers appropriately and who follow precise instructions. A random audit is carried out to check these criteria are met.

Quality products

We are both restaurant owners and farmers and the main advantage is that we know exactly where the meat we offer comes from and how good it is.

Jean-Claude Marisy and his children actually watch the Charolais cows they breed in nearby meadows. They give a meat that makes the best beef bourguignon and pot-au-feu.

The wine list

The wine list is very diverse and offers several vintage wines and bottles from different regions.
The wine amateurs in the family like to keep and let their best wines age before they are added to the list for the most exceptional meals.

The wine list includes wines bought directly from wine makers everywhere in France, mostly in Burgundy and Champagne.

Champagne wines from the nearby Côte des Bar are amongst our favorites obviously, just like the Coteaux Champenois and the Rosé des Riceys which are amazing still wines from the area.

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